This book is the second instalment of the Literacy Tales series.

Read about an impatient Wolf who wants nothing more than a white winter wonderland in the heat of summer. He decides to enlist the help of a wishing well to help speed things along.

This series allows children to explore letters and sounds, and build confidence around the alphabet. If your child has an interest in language and letters, this collection of books is for you.

Wolf's Wishing Well

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  • Size: A4

    Number of pages: 16

    Cover: Paperback/Soft cover

    Additional features: Quiz and activity ideas relating to the story for extended learning opportunities.


    This book is suitable for preschool and primary aged children.

    It can be used as a learning resource to explore the letter W.

    This story is full of rhyme, colourful illustrations, quirky characters and interesting words to extend vocabulary.