The Cat who Couldn't Cook
(Book C)
The first book released in the Literacy Tales series. Read about Clawdius Cat as he perseveres in the kitchen despite one cooking disaster after another. 
This book teaches the value of perseverance,  confidence and believing in yourself.
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About the Books

Wolf's Wishing Well

(Book W)

Read about an impatient Wolf who wants nothing more than a white winter wonderland in the heat of summer. He enlists the help of a wishing well, but will that be the answer to his problems?

This book teaches the value of patience and being proactive about making your dreams come true.


The Fair Factor

(Book F)

Two misbehaving children get more than they bargain for when a fairy decides to give them a taste of their own medicine. When the children wake, they discover they've become fully grown adults! And their parents? Well, they're not so big anymore...

Fiona and Finn learn to be considerate of others on this very grown up, and rather chaotic adventure!


The Literacy Tales

The Spirit of the Ninja

Ninja no Seishin

 Set in a martial arts dojo, a class of students train to practice new skills whilst developing the values and disciplines that come hand in hand with their study. Throughout the story, these values are compared to different animals which feature in the illustrations alongside the children.

The story builds a connection between the commitment of the children to their training and the impact this has on their development. The virtues they learn nurture a good heart and shape character. The values we acquire in childhood contribute to who we become in life. These children channel their energy to become confident, capable and independent individuals, who are prepared to cope with the challenges of life.

This children's story is aimed at primary to intermediate school learners. The story is in English and Japanese.


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Introducing: Cultural connections



"I teach a Year 5 and 6 class, and believe that a quality picture book can be shared and enjoyed by all ages. This book is certainly a great book to read aloud. The children were quickly hooked in by the rhyme and were able to join in. Recently we have been working on identifying the message in the stories we read and this book enabled us to have a thoughtful, reflective class discussion about that. The illustrations compliment the story beautifully."

Heather Russell - Primary School Teacher, Deanwell School

"Both my boys really enjoy this book. It is one of their favourites for bedtime (as well as during the day). I also shared it at work for a mat time and the children all wanted to read it again at the end of the day. The questions at the back were also great for starting discussions and getting the children to think. A well recommended story for children of all ages. We all can't wait for the next one!"

Renee Brown - Parent and Early Childhood Teacher